May 7, 2024 – A once-in-a-lifetime experience!  Thank you to Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Chief Engineer Rizwan Baig and his team for bringing the Alliance for Action on a tour of the George Washington Bridge.  It was an honor to see the multi-billion dollar “Restore the George” project up close.

“The Restore the George Program is a critical part of ensuring that this iconic bridge will continue knitting our region together for generations to come,” said Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole. “The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey is incredibly proud of this effort and I’m thrilled that the Alliance for Action is able to see it up close.” 

“The pride and commitment to this incredibly important project could be seen in the faces of each engineer and field worker we saw that day.  Hundreds of thousands of motorists cross the George Washington Bridge daily,” said Alliance for Action president Jerry Keenan.  “Some of them are heading to work, some are traveling, others are going to critical medical treatment.  Whatever the reason, it’s great to know the men and women working on this terrific project are Keeping the Region Moving!”

When the George Washington Bridge opened to traffic in 1931, it carried more than 5.5 million vehicles.  Today, it’s the most heavily traveled bridge in the world, and more than 100 million motorists travel over the bridge annually.  It’s a true engineering marvel.

The Alliance for Action is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024. Since 1974, we’ve worked as a non-partisan and non-profit association representing thousands of business, labor, government, utility, education, professional, and other New Jersey leaders. Our mission is to improve New Jersey’s economy through the promotion of environmentally friendly capital construction and infrastructure investment.