March 18, 2024 – The New Jersey Alliance for Action commends this afternoon’s action of the New Jersey Assembly in passing a five-year reauthorization of the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund. The bill, A-4011, was sponsored by Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese.

“An effective transportation network benefits every New Jerseyan, every day. That’s been the impact of the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund over the past 39 years” said Alliance for Action President Jerry Keenan. “We look forward to its consideration by the State Senate.”

The Alliance for Action will provide updates to its members on the NJ State Senate action when it is taken.

The Alliance for Action is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024. Since 1974, we’ve worked as a non-partisan and non-profit association representing thousands of business, labor, government, utility, education, professional, and other New Jersey leaders. Our mission is to improve New Jersey’s economy through the promotion of environmentally friendly capital construction and infrastructure investment.