We had another action-packed session in August, featuring five speakers and the network opportunities you’ve all come to love at Alliance events.

At the NJ Alliance for Action Monmouth County Chapter meeting on Aug. 14, we heard from five key players throughout the Monmouth region. Kara Kopach of Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA), Bobby Pohlman of New Jersey Resources, Joe Ettore of Monmouth County, Michael Demas of JCP&L, and Melinda Roslon and John Notte of New Jersey Infrastructure Bank all shared valuable information about the future of Monmouth County.

Kopach, Executive Director of FMERA, led off. A $2 billion investment goes into housing, retail, and the highlighted plans for the Netflix Studios on 289 acres of the old Fort Monmouth. It’ll be a key economic driver in the region’s future. Following, Pohlman, Vice President of New Jersey Resources (NJR), Clean Energy Ventures and Corporate Strategy expanded on NJR’s 75MW plans for upcoming solar projects. This includes the largest floating solar array in the country with over 16,000 panels generating 8.9MW of clean power.

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Ettore, Monmouth County Engineer, unveiled the 2024 capital spending plans and laid out a detailed construction timetable for Alliance for Action members. Many of these plans involve upgrading and redeveloping roads and bridges, such as the Oceanic Bridge. Project Manager Demas featured JCP&L’s “New Jersey Clean Energy Corridor Project” (previously known as Larrabee Tri Collector Solutions), which will help distribute the power of offshore wind into the grid. The project will cost over a billion dollars and will have its peak construction activity of $250M expected in 2027. Finally, the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank laid out upcoming opportunities in its Water and Infrastructure Bank small loan program for local governments.

NJ Alliance for Action President Jerry Keenan stated, “Monmouth County is certainly on the rise with the billions of dollars worth of work that is coming to the region. Such exciting opportunities for redevelopment create more good-paying jobs for our members and we’re excited to see these projects move forward.”

The New Jersey Alliance for Action is in its 50th year of service to the region. As a non-partisan and non-profit association representing thousands of business, labor, government, utility, education, professional, and other New Jersey leaders, its mission is to improve New Jersey’s economy and create jobs by promoting environmentally friendly capital construction and
infrastructure investment.

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