February 13, 2024 – President Jerry Keenan and Public Information Manager Ashley Rogers attended the NJ TRANSIT board meeting Tuesday night. 

Keenan spoke during the public session and praised the rebirth of NJ Transit. “The agency has had an amazing transformation over the past six years,” he said. “It has directly impacted the lives of our residents and businesses.” 

In the past six years, NJ Transit has gone from a $60 million capital program to nearly $6 billion, with $8 billion more in capital expenditures to come over the next three years.  

NJ Transit President & CEO Kevin Corbett outlined the agency’s capital plans at the Alliance for Action’s Inside Scoop series meeting last week. Corbett explained how NJ Transit has grown over the years and that it’s ready to take on the FIFA World Cup in 2026. He called it a big win for New Jersey.

Learn more about how FIFA will benefit New Jersey here, or read a detailed report on ROI-NJ.

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The Alliance for Action is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. The non-partisan organization has been a long-time leader in New Jersey, connecting business, labor, education, and utility leaders, while advocating for environmentally friendly capital construction projects.